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    Loop / Main

    Post by undo on Fri May 20, 2016 2:07 am

    If U have anything to say about these groups then now is the time to say it because I'm all ears over here.
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    Re: Loop / Main

    Post by Paves on Fri May 20, 2016 12:31 pm

    I checked out Loop 4 the first time this year, and read some articles and interviews about the main (no pun intended) guy.

    I can C where the "Spacemen 3 ripoff" claims come from, although Loop's sound is heavier and more kickass to my ears, and the albums R maybe less diverse, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

    The earliest material is on the verge of not having much going 4 it, but still sounds more awesome than legions of later bands who exploit the simplicity of Stooges/Suicide-type riffs as an excuse to tell people they're playing "psych rock."  I'm into the constantly loud, layered guitars, even when the songs aren't that interesting.  I agree with anyone who says they're more of a band that has a really cool sound, and U can get pretty into the recordings based on that alone.  I guess the appeal is that of a more dumbed down, less extreme version of early Skullflower, in that it's a lot of pounding, heavy riffs with guitar noise and solos all over everything.  Anyone who has enjoyed MBV and JAMC would probably be into Loop.

    The second album Fade Out seemed to be more of the same, just more sonically rich or something.  Personally, I liked their last album A Gilded Eternity best, and it got the most repeat play from me.  A lot of the songs' rhythms R just cooler, almost like Godflesh, who I know the one guy was associated with at some point.  And then they're really incorporating the loops and samples and stuff way more at that point.  The bonus disc was great, too.  It all sounds like as creative of a take on loud rock music as any from that era, and I can't help but think of other things going on "across the pond" at the time like MBV, Bark Psychosis, Skullflower, etc. But then Loop R probably even closer to some dumbass stoner rock like Monster Magnet than any of those bands.

    I have Firmament II by Main, and it's some "dark ambient" shit that I have enjoyed, 4 sure!  I've been meaning to pick up one of the cheap copies of the two disc EP compilation CD Hz that's been sitting unbought at multiple record stores 4 months, but haven't done that yet. I figure Main's '90s output could keep one busy 4 a while, if U're into that sort of thing.
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    Re: Loop / Main

    Post by vIv on Fri May 20, 2016 2:37 pm

    Paves OTM. Loop is pretty damn monotonous and repetitive stuff, droning psych tinged Hawkwind-worhipping, space-rocking shoegaze along the lines of Spacemen 3 or Ride. It has a good "sound" and like Paves, I'd probably break out A Gilded Eternity beofre anything else in their catalog.

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    Re: Loop / Main

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