I guess I'll keep watching hockey in 2017-18

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    I guess I'll keep watching hockey in 2017-18

    Post by Ned Braden on Fri Aug 04, 2017 10:36 pm

    reuben wrote:I would tune in to watch Subban hoist the cup and Crosby's tears but that's about is.

    Poz'd this more than 2 months late, but yeah.
    2017 playoffs were the most frustrating experience. Every round, all the teams I wanted to win lost. But there were still enough engaging storylines and teams that I wanted to see lose that I kept tuning in. And then none of those storylines played out and the more hated team always won. The worst of all worlds.

    So the 2017 -18 Hawks look like total garbage! I guess it's sort of cool that we got Saad back.  

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